March On Milwaukee 50th: 200 Nights of Freedom

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the March On Milwaukee, we're producing 200 Nights of Freedom, an initiative that will feature 200 consecutive nights of accessible public events that reflect upon, document, and build from the original spirit of the marches: Black power, dissent, and youth leadership.
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From our kickoff on August 28th to the culminating celebration in April 2018, we will need a great deal of people power to pull off 200 Nights of Freedom.

The March On Milwaukee 50th planning group consists of a diverse range of contributors, including an intergenerational mix of Milwaukeeans with a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets. Since the first planning meeting in February of 2016, we have been an entirely volunteer-run operation.

If you'd like to join the effort, no matter what you have to contribute, we'd be happy to have you.
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Are you interested in representing March On Milwaukee 50th at events throughout 200 Nights of Freedom?

This would involve working a table with our information and telling attendees more about our plans and where they can learn more information.

Volunteer-run committees are the engine of our organizing efforts for 200 Nights of Freedom. The current committees are:

Communications committee 
•Document process of MOM50th and 200NoF
•Produce language, messaging, writing and other communications

Community committee
•Recruit community groups to contribute events to 200NoF
•Organize public workshops and calls for interested organizations 

Digital committee
•Build website and other online platforms for 200NoF •Create/implement digital communication strategy for 200NoF 

Education committee
•Create school-based curricula/projects
•Plug in curriculum to schools and programs around Milwaukee 

Faith committee
•Organize and build across a broad range of faith traditions
•Create venues for faith communities to participate in 200 NoF 

Finance committee
•Pursue grants and funding from relevant philanthropic groups
•Seek sponsorships and donations for projects across the initiative 

Oral History committee
•Collect oral histories at four committee events
•Archive, transcribe and find platforms for collected stories

Youth committee
•Cultivate community and solidarity among Milwaukee youth with diverse backgrounds from Milwaukee neighborhoods, schools, and youth organizations
•Gather, nourish, and mobilize youth catalysts for citywide leadership and progress

If you'd like to join a committee, which would you like to join?

Aside from joining a committee, are there other skills you'd like to contribute?

Anything else you'd like us to know?

200 Nights of Freedom will be community powered and community empowering, so we welcome your suggestions and creativity.
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