March On Milwaukee 50th: 200 Nights of Freedom

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the March On Milwaukee, we're producing 200 Nights of Freedom, an initiative that will feature 200 consecutive nights of accessible public events that reflect upon, document, and build from the original spirit of the marches: Black power, dissent, and youth leadership.
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Our events will be varied, from free workshops to public lectures, book clubs to art making. 

Their purpose is connecting to the original themes of the marches:
   -Activists mobilizing their collective dissent
   -Empowering black people
   -Building a movement around the perseverance and work of youth

Starting August 28, 2017, citywide events will come from individuals, organizations and institutions around Milwaukee. All events will be connected by a central calendar that acts as a hub to other activities and educational resources.

To make this ambitious initiative a success, we need your help.

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200 Nights of Freedom will be community powered and community empowering, so we welcome your suggestions and creativity.
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